Silvertip Gondola Project


Stone Creek is committed to engaging with stakeholders, Indigenous Groups, and members of Government in an open and transparent manner. Stone Creek values the communities which they are privileged to be a part of, and they are committed to sharing information related to the Project so individuals in the area are informed of activities. Throughout the Project lifecycle, Stone Creek will be focused on understanding and addressing concerns related to the Gondola Project and its operations.

In support of this objective, our engagement with the stakeholders affected by our activities and operations is guided by the following practices:

We invite feedback in order to understand concerns and address issues

Actively listen and learn to enable transparent, open dialogue and facilitate timely and meaningful engagement.

We are committed to sharing information, listening to and following up on concerns, and considering mitigation opportunities as a part of Project planning.

This initial engagement on the Terms of Reference for the preparation of the Environmental Impact Assessment is currently underway, and will be closed as of June 13, 2022. To provide feedback, please refer to the Notice of Project on this website for further details.


Lindsay Beston, Project Manager
AIM Land Services 403.648.5428


Last updated Mar 13, 2024